Discover Your Dosha

Know Yourself To Live Your Best Life

The dosha questionnaire can provide an introduction to Ayurvedic medicine and an understanding to develop a path toward health and wellness. Although each individual will have their own ratio of the three doshas – vata, pitta and kapha, each of us will have a dominant dosha that governs our Ayurvedic constitution or prakruti.

When the doshas are in balance they will reflect the following:

1) Vata is the energy of air and ether, movement, creativity and flexibility.
2) Pitta is the energy of fire and water, metabolism, understanding and intelligence.
3) Kapha is the energy of water and earth, structure, cohesion, love, calmness and forgiveness.

Select one answer from each column of traits that best describes you.
You can do this questionnaire twice.

a) To determine your unique constitution at conception or prakruti, consider which answer represents your usual pattern over time and has the most accuracy throughout the course of your life.

b) To get a reflection of your current condition or vikruti, do the questionnaire again and answer based on how you feel now and in the recent past.

The questionnaire provides a preliminary assessment of your Ayurvedic constitution. It can be used to identify your prominent doshas, know your tendencies and get a sense of any health imbalances. However, it should not be used to define ourselves. We have the ability to evolve and transform our thinking and lifestyle. For a comprehensive evaluation of your constitution or prakruti and your current condition or vikruti, please schedule a complete Ayurvedic health consultation.

Vata Pitta Kapha
Body Frame Thin, irregular, prominent bones and joints, non symmetrical. Joints make cracking sound. Medium, balanced Large, solid, smooth joints
Chest Thin, showing ribs, sunken chest, prominent collar bones Medium chest Broad, smooth, developed chest
Body Weight Low, skinny, underweight Medium, even Heavy, overweight
Skin Dry, cold, rough, dark circles under eyes, chapped, dark, cold hands and feet. Tans easily. Warm, smooth, slightly oily, rosy colour, freckles, moles, irritable/sensitive. Gets sun burnt easily. Soft, cool, damp, thick, pale.
Sweat Scant Profuse, sour smelling Moderate, consistent
Hair Dry, thin, split ends, dark, curly, knotted, brittle Fine, oily, straight, blonde/red, early grey, male pattern baldness Soft, thick. lustrous, thick, wavy, brown
Face Angular, thin, long Heart shape, sharp features Round face
Eyes Small, dark, active (moving a lot), sparse lashes, sunken Medium size, grey, green, or light brown. Steady, sharp, penetrating gaze Large calm eyes, long, plentiful eyelashes. Soft gaze.
Teeth Irregular, may protude Medium teeth, may be yellowish, gums bleed easily Large, straight, white teeth. Healthy pink gums.
Nose Sharp, pointed, irregular, long, thin nostrils Straight, roman, red tip Round button nose, or large, wide nostrils, squashed shape
Nails Dry, brittle, crack or flake easily. Pink colour, shiny, smooth and flexible. Thick and shiny, pale, defined moons at the base of the nail.
Lips Thin, dry, cracked, chap easily Deep red, moist, soft Large, thick
Circulation Cooler, or cold, body temperature. Cold hands and feet. Warm body, warm hands and feet, good circulation Cool, affected by cold and damp environments.
Stomach/Abdomen Flat, sunken, underweight Medium, firm Large, full, soft
Hips Small, slim Medium Big
Legs Thin, pronounced knees Medium Thick, stocky
Describe your sleep Light sleeper, often suffer from insomnia. Good. Restful and you don't need much sleep. Deep. Heavy sleeper, like to sleep for a long time, slow and reluctant to wake up
Appetite Irregular, variable, happy to pick and graze, not always hungry at set meal times. You may forget to eat. Regular with strong appetite. When you're hungry you need to eat soon or you get irritable. Steady, you enjoy your meals and like to take your time.
Digestion/Elimination Irregular. Frequent bloating, gas, or constipation. Prone to constipation when travelling. Regular. Fast metabolism. Prone to heartburn or acidity. Sluggish. Slow metabolism.
Energy/Stamina All or nothing energy. Comes in bursts and can be used quickly leaving you feeling exhausted. Consistent energy, good at pacing, enjoys competitive sport. Good stamina, but slow to start.
Weight Low body weight, difficulty gaining weight. Medium weight. Stays steady. Heavier weight, or over weight, gain weight easily.
Thirst Variable, and you prefer hot drinks Regular, you're often thirsty and you love cold drinks and ice Low, you're rarely thirsty
General Health Which are you most likely to suffer from? Anxiety, insomnia, prone to worry, nervous disposition. Constipation, breathlessness, dry and itchy skin, heart palpitations, fatigue. Irritability, anger, prone to inflammation, rashes. Heartburn, acid reflux, migraines, fever. Prone to sinus and lung congestion and mucus. Prone to catching colds, weight gain and high cholesterol.
Speech Talk quickly and have much to say Sharp speech, precise, convincing Slow speech, monotone
Personality Creative, enthusiastic, good imagination. Indecisive, timid, changeable, worries. Quick witted, talkative. Intelligent, focused, impatient, competitive, ambitious, may over work. Courageous, leader, conversationalist. Hot-headed, dynamic. Calm, caring, loyal, easy going, reliable, slow to get going. May be lethargic.
Mood Changeable Intense emotions Steady mood and emotions
At work are you? Creative and full of ideas, but sometimes disorganised. Good at planning and organisation, but don't like your methods questioned. Reliable and steady, but it takes you time to get things done.
Response to environment and weather Sensitive to cold, prefer sun and warmth, dislikes wind Prefers cool and shade, sensitive to heat, skin burns easily Prefers warm, dry climates. Dislikes humidity.
How does hot weather affect you? You love the heat and tan easily You burn easily and feel irritable in the sun. You are prone to prickly heat type rashes. You don't mind dry heat, but don't like humid weather. You're happy to rest in the shade.
When stressed do you... Feel anxious, spaced out, loose sleep, racing changing thoughts, feel the need to talk about your problems, get fatigued, experience indecision and uncertainty, fearful doubts. Constipation. Feel angry, irritable, defensive, hot-headed, want to control, assert yourself, become critical or judgmental, express sarcasm. Loose bowel movements. Remain calm and slow to react, comfort eat, loose enthusiasm, have food cravings. Low moods. Over sleep.
In relationships where there may be disagreement do you... Avoid conflict because it makes you nervous Confront and sort things out Feel pretty laid back and happy to go with the flow, but seek comfort in food if you're upset
Add up your score Vata Pitta Kapha