The True-Age Quiz

Choose the answers that best apply to you.

1. What’s your body mass index (BMI)?

A. 18 to 21 (-7)

B. 22 to 24 (+4)

C. 25 to 30 (+10)

D. >30 (+20)

2. How much alcohol do you drink?

A. Two or three drinks a week (0)

B. Two or three drinks a month (0)

C. About one drink a day (+3)

D. Two or more drinks a day (+10)

E. None (0)

3. When you get frazzled, you:

A. Lace up your sneakers or call a girlfriend (-2)

B. Take a few deep breaths and keep going (-2)

C. Reach for brownies (+5)

D. Do nothing (+5)

4. How often do you eat red meat?

A. Every day (+12)

B. One to three times a week (+5)

C. Once or twice a month (0)

D. Never (-5)

5. Your highest level of education is:

A. High school (+3)

B. Some college (0)

C. College (-4)

D. Grad school (-5)

6. If you were in a personal crisis, how many people would help out, even if just to drop off a casserole?

A. Maybe 10 (-2)

B. Tons—I have a huge support network (-3)

C. A small group of friends and family (0)

D. I’d probably go it alone (+2)

7. How involved are you in the community at large?

A. I’m at a school, church, arts or charity activity about weekly (-5)

B. I volunteer regularly (-3)

C. I pitch in once or twice a year (-1)

D. I write a check now and then (0)

8. How many times a week do you get 30 minutes of moderate to vigorous exercise?

A. Every day (-12)

B. Four or five (-9)

C. One to three (-4)

D. Does channel surfing count? (+5)

9. What’s your history with smoking?

A. I’ve never been a smoker (0)

B. I might sneak in a cig on weekends (+8)

C. I’ve quit and I feel much better (+4)

D. I’ve quit but I still have problems with my lungs (+10)

E. I’m a regular smoker (+20)

10. Which meal best reflects your regular menu?

A. A burger, fries and dessert (+2)

B. Roasted vegetables with quinoa and chickpeas (-4)

C. Salmon with spinach and brown rice (-5)

D. Penne with chicken and a side salad (0)

11. Do you drink coffee?

A. Gotta have my two or three cups daily (-3)

B. I practically live at Starbucks (-3)

C. One morning mug (0)

D. I’m not a fan (0)

12. How is your sleep?

A. I score six to seven hours nightly (-4)

B. I like 8 to 10 hours if I can get it (-4)

C. I squeeze in four to six hours (+5)

D. I only get a couple of hours (+7)

13. Let’s talk about sex.

A. I’m not seeing much action (0)

B. I do it three times a week on average (-3)

C. More like once a week for me (-3)

D. I get frisky maybe once a month (0)

14. Did any of your relatives live to age 95?

A. At least one person in my family (-10)

B. I’m not sure (0)

C. Nope (0)

Tally your results!

1. Add up the numbers next to each response.

2. Divide that number by 10.

3. If you get a negative number, subtract that number from your chronological age. If you get a positive number, add that to your age.

For example, say you’re 43 years old. If your final score is -40, divide that by 10 and you’ll get -4. Subtract that from 43——your true biological age is 39! If your final score is +15, divide that by 10 and you’ll get +1 1/2. That means your true age is 44 1/2.